14 May 2020 - Jacob

Scouter is an app to help people navigate the confusing and chaotic world of e-scooters and e-bikes. I got the idea for this app from a friend of mine who used e-scooters as his primary way to get to work everyday.

He was tired of checking many different apps to find the closest scooter. I developed an app that plotted Bird, Lime, Jump, and Lyft scooters and bikes in the area. Obtaining access to the location APIs of each scooter was quite an adventure. I emailed City Council, who had exclusive location API access for monitoring scooter programs. I pretended to be studying scooter movement and got access to Lime’s location API. I found Bird’s location API on another github page, and I found Jump and Lyft’s by monitoring the packets coming from my phone to the internet when I launched their apps. This also involved a little HTML hacking, but it ultimately worked out. Most of the companies have since changed their API configuration, but I’ve included a screenshot of what the app looked like when it was working at different stages of development. I stopped working on the app when I discovered that I had been beat to market by another app.

Early version Later verison

Lyft Scooter Lime Scooter